Your Winter Experts

Grande Prairie’s Snow and Ice Management Professionals

Kakwa Stone is ready with a modern fleet and a modern approach to Snow and Ice Management. Our experienced team and snow specific insurance allows our clients to simplify winter. Kakwa Stone will keep all aspects of your site Accessible, Safe, and Open!

Parking Lot Snow Clearing

Plowing snow from parking lots, loading docks, approaches, and roadways allows traffic to flow seamlessly to parking spaces with close access to storefronts, loading docks, refuse bins, and emergency exits.

Sidewalk Snow Clearing

Sidewalks are shoveled, scraped, swept, or salted to provide the cleanest surface possible for pedestrian traffic to safely transition from parking lots to storefronts and back again without issue.

Parking Lot Sanding

An Application of “sanding chips” is applied to any surface where ice or snow is present to minimize the chance of slips, slides, accident, or injury on site. Sanding helps traffic and pedestrians navigate the site safely.

Snow Relocation

Hauling snow off-site to our dedicated snow dump facility maintains access to valuable parking spaces. Relocating snow piles yields cleaner, safer, more accessible sites that are ready for spring weeks ahead of schedule. Snow Relocation makes the best use of limited space. On-site relocation is also possible to consolidate snow piles optimizing traffic and parking.

We Service:

Commercial and industrial properties, Grocery stores, Retail buildings, large shopping centers, government facilities, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Strata complexes, Fuel stations, and more.

We Work for:

Private Business Owners, REIT’s, Property Managers, Local and provincial governments, Large Chain retailers, and many others.

Kakwa Stone’s Team have been doing snow removal for us for many years! This review is long overdue. They do a great job, workmanship is impeccable. Honest and amazing people. Highly recommend them for your snow removal needs!

Key Investment Property Management Inc.

Google Review

For more than 2 years Kakwa Stone has been our go-to snow removal service. We are extremely satisfied with their service. They never needed to be contacted to come clean our sidewalks and parking lot. They did a great job. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their properties cleared in the winter.